About Us

ProSociedad is a sustainable development agency whose purpose is to promote the effectiveness and scalability of social impact programs and projects, driven by public and private organization with the aim of contributing to the sustainable development of our country. 

We have designed solutions for organizations so they can increase their social impact and outreach, using evidence-based models, training procedures, consulting and research to improve their intervention models and internal processes in order to obtain financial sustainability and have a results-oriented internal management. 

We are an organization made up of highly qualified professionals with a high ethical and human sense that for 10 years We promote sustainable development through applied research solutions, mentoring, accompaniment and training to strengthen social programs and policies implemented by a diversity of public and private actors.

Our history

Experience replicating food banks and BAMX alliance- SEDESOL

  • The company “Desarrollo Humano de Jalisco” was founded on July 2009, dedicated entirely to serving the Food Banks.

  • Our work team varies but Carlos and Magda remain, currently Co-directors of ProSociedad.

The group is strengthened when its members are strengthened

  • The team had a collaboration on directive jobs inside DIF Zapopan 
  • Magdalena Rodriguez Co-director of ProSociedad carried her master studies at London School of Economics (LSE) 
  • In 2011 we were recognized as an Accredited Consultant by the Centro Mexicano para la Filantropía (CEMEFI)

Common project consolidation

  • During these years several projects were consolidated, such as "Programa de Fortalecimiento integral de organizaciones y empresas sociales"
  • In 2016 we benefited 20 civil society organizations, through the project financed at the time for Secretaría de Desarrollo e Integración Social (SEDIS)

Initiative and creation of ProSociedad programs 

  • With the linkage and opening of new sectors…
Our Impact
2009 - 2010 16%
2011 - 2013
2013 - 2016
2017 - 2019

Meet the team

Brief history of ProSociedad

ProSociedad was born in 2009 when Carlos Bauche and Magdalena Rodríguez ventured into the development of
methodologies to incubate and strengthen OSCs. This is how the “Fortalecimiento de Capacidades de OSCs” program was born.

Later, in 2012, the “Responsabilidad Empresarial e Innovación Social” program was promoted to promote
mechanisms of social impact through financially, socially and environmentally viable solutions.

In 2015, ProSociedad grows significantly from the initiatives for the design of payment schemes to the
results (BIS) to improve the effectiveness of public financing, betting on the program “Incidencia en
políticas públicas y fortalecimiento de gobiernos”.

In 2017, the collaboration with PNUD began to promote the Open Government Agenda for Sustainable Development
In addition, ProSociedad creates and participates in advocacy networks to promote agendas such as
the economic empowerment of women and effective educational policies.

Finally in 2017 - 2018, ProSociedad opens a fourth program “Impulso a Modelos Basados en Evidencia” in
which programs with evidence of success are designed, piloted and evaluated in three themes: economic empowerment of
women “Co-meta”; prevention of youth violence "ROLE"; and early childhood development. Now, once
consolidated, to scale their impact, ProSociedad transfers capacities to local actors to implement them.